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Are we sitting to our detriment?

If people have been sitting down at their desks in the office for 100 years or more, why are we now seeing so many postural induced injuries? The advent of increased computer use, Wi-Fi and delayed printing are all contributing factors to why our desks have started hurting our bodies more often. Prolonged sitting with no break can lead to an exacerbation or development of chronic poor posture, placing overloaded pressure on areas of your body under increased stress and pressure, which can, in turn, result in pain and loss of function. A possible answer to this far reaching and long lasting phenomenon? Standing desks! Desks that can convert from sitting to standing are becoming increasingly popular and common within the workplace, as they address a range of common problems faced by office workers daily. At a standing desk you:

use different muscles to sitting

use more energy to stand up

vary the pressures you are placing on different parts of your body

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